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The “Crew” is comprised of some of our more experienced divers, who have rallied to our mission and act as the Staff* to make your dive experience more enjoyable.

We have tried to capture a bit of who the crew is and their humor.

Fred – Instructor Trainer

I really enjoy the look of wonder that I see in new diver’s eyes, the first time they dive with fish.


Diving Preference: With Amanda

Common phrase: okey dokey!!

Amanda – Master Diver

My Dad taught me to dive at Dutch Springs, and I’ve been in love with the water ever since.


I loved diving in Cozumel, they even let me drive the boat.

Diving Preference: Warm water

 Common phrase: Is there food?

Richie – Instructor Trainer

For me, diving is a way to get away from stress.

I love working with students and seeing them grow



Diving Preference: Night Dives.

Common phrase: That’s going to leave a     mark!

Kevin – Dive Master

Diving is much more than a sport, it’s a way to meet new people and learn about the world.

I’ve explored the waters of popular tourist destinations as well as remote islands.

Every dive is a new learning experience, so come aboard and let’s learn together.

Diving Preference: Anywhere.

Common phrase: Why?

Tyler – Dive Master

I really enjoy the family environment of diving with Like ‘da Fish.

Diving is a great way to travel the world

Diving Preference: Under the water

Common phrase: Hi!

Erica  – Dive Master

Image may contain: Erica Topping, eyeglasses and closeupI was certified in Dutch Springs, and one week later dove in the Caribbean on my honeymoon. While I really do like local diving, nothing beats the warm waters to our south.

Diving Preference: 85 degrees.

Common phrase: Well that’s some s….t!

Scott – Dive Master

I was certified in Dutch Springs, and one week later dove in the Caribbean on my honeymoon.

Diving Preference: Anywhere with Erica

Common phrase: Well let me tell ya?

Chris – Dive Master

I was certified in Dutch Springs, and one week later dove in the Caribbean with my two best friends.

I like to try new things, so if you have a new dive toy, I'm interested

Diving Preference: Ill dive anywhere

Common phrase: Who me?

Jay - Master Diver

I love the water and want to help protect the environment.

Diving Preference: Bonaire

  Common phrase: OK!

Marisa - Advanced Diver

I learned to dive with my Son.  Now both my boys dive and soon my little gril will too.

Diving Preference: Warm, Please Warm

  Common phrase: Ok, I'll try!

John - Rescue Diver

I started diving because it seemed like a natural extension of what I do as a fire fighter.


 Diving Preference: Dutch Springs

 Common phrase: I don’t know about that!

Kelly - Rescue Diver

Image may contain: Kelly Harbst Weimer, smilingI learned to dive because I have friends who dive. At first it was ok, I'll do it. Now its, WOW this is cool!

I'm looking forward to diving in the Ocean in the near future, but for now I'm a cold water diver.

Diving Preference: The Aqua Park

Common phrase: Hmmmm!

RJ – Master Diver

My Dad got me started diving and it’s been a blast.

I really enjoy going to new dive locations and exploring the underwater world.

Diving Preference: With Dad

 Common phrase: Oh really?





As you can see our divers, come from all occupations; they have a wide range of diving experience; and all in all it’s a great group.

*The SCUBA Crew staff is non-compensated and act as independent contractors.


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