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Recreational diving is a type of diving that uses SCUBA equipment for to explore the underwater world, without the need for decompression stops.

There are many more recreational programs than those listed below.

Call for additional information and pre-requisites.

Scuba Diver Class

This is the basic certification course that takes you from being a non-diver to a scuba diver.

This course teaches you the basic skills required to start your journey into the underwater world; through a combination of academic training, confined water (pool) training, and open water checkout dives.

Scuba Refresher

If you need more than just a simple review, then a refresher course is for you!

This program will help you re-learn skills and gain confidence in yourself and the diving equipment through both academic and practical skills review.



Advanced Diver

This is a fully customizable program that builds on previously acquired knowledge to aid the diver in further exploring the underwater world. The course addresses specific specialty areas such as deep diving, night diving, and a selection of other programs.

The course includes a series of academic sessions and multiple open water specialty dives.

Scuba Rescue Diver

The Scuba Rescue diver course teaches you to manage risks and handle in-water diving emergencies. During the course, you will learn to assist distressed divers, how to perform surface rescue, and rescue of divers from depths. If you truly want to become more comfortable in the water, Scuba Rescue Diver is for you.

Skin Diver/Snorkeler
In the skin diver/snorkeler  course you will learn the necessary skills such as:

•Proper weighting

•Fining techniques

•Surfacing procedures

•Ear equalizations techniques

When you successfully complete the course, you will be able to safely explore the shallow areas of your favorite body of water whether it is a beautiful azure ocean or a warm fresh-water lake. 

Master Scuba Diver
Do you want to be at the top of your game as a recreational diver?

If so, the NAUI Master Scuba Diver program is for you! This course is designed to provide you with detailed understanding of the equipment, physiology, art, and science of Scuba Diving. Master Scuba Divers hold the highest recreational certification available as a non-professional diver.

The course includes extensive in and out of classroom study, aimed at honing and broadening your knowledge base of diving.

*Prices are based on a group class enrollment, private and semi-private classes may have additional fees.




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