Like ‘da Fish

Northeast PA’s #1 Dive Center

When I am afraid, I put my trust in you.

                                                                           Psalm 56:3



Mission Statement

Like ‘da Fish is focused on providing divers (and new students) with quality education and dive opportunities that are aimed at having safe, fun, and memorable experiences while enjoying the wonders that God has blessed us with in the underwater world.

Like 'da Fish is a joint effort of a lot of really amazing people.

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Like 'da Fish roots go back to our 2nd trip to Roatan. We were a merry band of travelers, who just never wanted to come back up to the boat. Hence, the Boat Captain and Dive Master offered that we are "like 'da fish"; we never come up. While, the many of original fish have transitioned on to new lives, the name remains.

In our early years, before Like ‘da Fish, we hung our fins jointly at Blue Ocean Divers and the Outdoors Sport Shop. Those two dive shops shaped who we are, our beliefs, and our motivation to be different than the “average shop”.

When Like 'da Fish first opened, the focus was to provide training, and travel services to northeast PA. With the closing of the Outdoors Sport Shop, retail sales and equipment service were added. Every year, we grow a little.

Like 'da Fish is forever indebted to Mike and Patty from Blue Ocean Divers, and Joe from the Outdoors Sport Shop, for their guiding hand, encouragement, and support, that lead to the opening of Like ‘da Fish in May of 2010.

Why We’re Different

There are many reasons why Like 'da Fish is different than other dive shops. First and foremost, is that we are NOT BIG, don’t want to be, and never will be.

We are focused on the principals, goals, and beliefs of our mentors:

Quality before profit

Students before ego

Family above all else

Safety before all else

We do a lot of things different at Like ‘da Fish, like:

Small class sizes

High Staff to Student Ratios

Encourage Family Participation

Children friendly environment

No egos, no machoism

Staff that are educators not instructors




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